Invention Parks is a learning network where children, teenagers and artists cocreate, collaborate and express themselves through artistic, social and scientific experiments. The programme includes creative laboratories and immersions in urban and natural environments, where humans, nonhumans, local matters and discarded materials assemble in interactive spaces, fantastic costumes, mechanical creatures, musical instruments, inflatables, games, images and sounds. These artefacts are used to remix realities, broaden repertories,  express and rehearse desirable futures.



Lívia Diniz has created the Invention Parks.
She designs playful spaces where humans and non-humans co-create multilinear narratives, interactive creatures and artefacts to imagine desirable futures. She weaves individual ideas and activates collaborative actions through transdisciplinary practices related to childhood. She went to Cinema and Fine Arts schools in Rio de Janeiro where she co-directed carnival parades along with their expanded experiences which happened in different places and formats throughout 12 years. Transmidia experimentsdesign/architecture workshops, music videos, exhibitions… in the past 20 years she has engaged in artistic productions and investigations in 17 countries with festivals, networks, indigenous villages, favelas, schools, universities, theatres, artistic and activist projects, museums, residencies, maker spaces, research and cultural centres, planetariums, etc.


2020 - 2023  April - October | Lunel, France
The trees of our dreams - Carnival created by children with the Festival Internationales de la guitare

2020 - 2023  February | Montpellier, France
Cafofo's Carnival workshops at Yeobi, Federation of International Associations

2023  February | Faial, Azores
Invention Parks audiovisual residency at AvistaVulcão

2023  January - February | Ponta Delgada, Azores
Invention Parks' Transdisciplinary course at Human Academy

IF THESE STREETS WERE OURS                                  with Lívia Diniz, Marco Torre and Habitat Açores

This course was a transdisciplinary and creative experience to stimulates the curiosity of children and young people of the Island of São Miguel. The intention was to let the imaginary of Carnival, Natália Correia's poetry and the rural, urban and natural beauties in. We expressed our desirable futures for the islands. With the youth, we developed learning laboratories in which the children in-bodied magical creatures, composed melodies, costumes and narratives to celebrate their culture and nature. Songs, dances, knowledge, new ways of looking at things, dreams and fantasies arose and spread.


2022  September - December | Brussels, Belgium
Trees, Algorithms and Humans Research at Anaïs Berck's Publishing House

2022  July  |  Torre, Switzerland
Arbola Residency at Cima Cittá

2022  June |  Barcelona, Spain
Project presentation and workshop participation

2022  February |  Montpellier, France
Audiovisual coordination of the Festival MIME IN MOTION

2022  January - May |  International Research, Chile
NODO - Associative project for the internationalisation of Living Arts

NODO Artes Vivas is a network of ten cultural institutions in Chile working in collaboration to promote the possibility of creating new futures; to bring together, associate, converge and diverge ways of thinking the economy of the present, including tangible and intangible resources in the creation of new logics of collaboration from the environmental, social, cultural and transactional dimension. Based on the methodology of Fluxonomy 4D - Flux 4D elaborated by Lala Deheinzelin, who coordinated this research, with the support of the Chilean Ministry of Economy, we are thinking about the future of the Living Arts and new forms of international collaboration.

2021  April - December |  International Network, Creative Europe Program
Prototype coordination with RESHAPE and FARO

2020  September - 2022 February |  Pézenas, France
Curator at the Cinema Festival Recontre Cinéma de Pézenas

2020  June - November  |  Bogotá, Colombia
Artist and opening speaker of Distant Dreams at the Mostra Internacional de Documentários Bogotá

2020  August |  Montpellier, France
Article Oneirocracy, Pandemic and Cyborg Dreams published by N-1, MIDBO and ISEA

2020  September - 2021 May |  Montpellier, France
Project design and coordination of participative budget campaign

2014 - 2017  | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Creator of the program Contos Circuitos / Circuit Narratives which took place in many cultural spaces

2002 - 2014  | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Co-direction of Carnival parades and derivated transmidia productions

2011 - 2014  | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Co-direction and tutor at the Architectural Association Visiting School Rio